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About CCLive

CCL is a local music blog for live music lovers and musicians in  Carroll County and the surrounding suburbs of Maryland. The live music scene in Baltimore and D.C. is vibrant, but many of us in the central and western suburbs enjoy the convenience and sheer fun of patronizing our own thriving music scene right here!


Cities and towns like Westminster, Ellicott City, Frederick, Gettysburg and more, have top notch live acts and venues. No more searching through hundreds or even thousands of event listings online, find your favorite area bands and venues right here on the CCL calendar.

We cover bands that play here, update you on coming events, and give you a peek at what you missed.

If you been enjoying the local love music scene in our region, make use of the site and show us your support by submitting your photos, and videos of your favorite bands; shelley@carrollcountylive.com. And connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

If you are in a band gigging in the area, take 2 minutes and get on the calendar now. Its completely free and people are watching!